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In the US, the government does not pay for health care. Therefore all OSU students are required to have health insurance during all terms of enrollment. All immediate family members living with the student must also have health insurance (if applicable). All students will be automatically enrolled into the OSU Student Health Insurance Plan's Comprehensive Plan.

OSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

General information

This information applies to both domestic and international on-campus students:

  • All on-campus, OSU graduate students are automatically enrolled in the OSU Student Health Insurance Comprehensive Plan. This link provides basic information on coverage, costs, billing, and more.
  • The OSU Student Health Insurance policy coverage begins seven days before the first day of the term of enrollment.
  • You will receive an insurance ID card and a booklet describing the Student Health Insurance policy's benefits.
  • Waiving coverage--procedures for domestic and international students to waive OSU coverage. This must be done by the 15th day of the term.
  • For more detailed information about the policy call 1-800-254-2461, or visit the OSU Student Health Insurance Plan

If you have been awarded a Graduate Research Associateship (GRA) or Fellowship

85% of the student's health insurance premiums are paid each term by the research project on which the student is funded.

The balance of the term premium payments will be automatically deducted from the student's monthly stipend check. In other words there will not be a single, large premium payment due at the start of each term. Instead, these payments will be deducted from your monthly stipend payment, 1/4 of the premium for each of four months over the course of a term. Premium payments are paid only during Autumn and Spring terms, but provide insurance coverage for the student during Summer term as well.

Further information about GRA appointments and health insurance. Includes a basic description of benefits as well as a Benefit Overview Booklet for download.

International students--Health screening

All international students entering Ohio State with an F-1 or J-1 visa are to undergo a brief health screening through Student Health Services at the Wilce Health Center (building 294, lower center of map). The screening will include questions about any medical conditions you have, what medications you are currently taking, and what allergies to medications you have, if any. Depending on risk factors, students may be required to get a TB test and if necessary, a chest x-ray. You will be scheduled for your health screening during check-in.

Details will be provided by email from the Office of International Affairs. See also the International student page of this site.