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Unique Graduate Programs

BS/MS combined program, MSE & WE

BS/MS program
For OSU undergraduates, this program allows qualified students to "double count" up to 9 semester credits of course work toward both a Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

On-line Master's in Welding Engineering

MSE-WE Distance Education program
To expand the availability of a Welding Engineering education to a wider audience, a distance education program has been developed to allow students from around the world access to MSE and Welding Engineering courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Students may earn a Master of Science in Welding Engineering.

GE-ACE program description

GE-ACE program in MSE
The General Electric Corp. provides qualified employees the opportunity to earn a Master's without Thesis degree in MSE from The Ohio State University. GE-ACE students are provided sabbatical time to attend classes in the MSE department. Additionally, students may use GE A & B Courses toward fulfillment of MS non-thesis degree requirements.

One-of-a-kind graduate degree

The "One-of-a-Kind" graduate degree program is an option available to our graduate students. Given the multidisciplinary nature of MSE/WE, a student's interests may not be directly served by the more typical one-department MS or PhD. During the early stages of his/her time at OSU, the student identifies the field(s) s/he wishes to combine with our program and develops an approved plan of study. For further details, please contact the MSE/WE Graduate Studies Coordinator.

Graduate Non-Degree program

OSU Graduate Non-Degree program
The Graduate Non-Degree (GND) program permits the student to "test drive" graduate level courses without the requirement of being admitted to a degree-granting program. Potential applicants who have a verifiable baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and who do not intend to pursue a graduate degree at Ohio State may register for courses under the graduate non-degree designation.