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Certificate Program

Online Certificate Program in Welding Engineering

The online Certificate Program in Welding Engineering provides students access to focused modules of learning in the field of Welding Engineering. The time frame for completing a Certificate is approximately half that of the Master's degree program.


To qualify for the Welding Engineering Certificate Program, students must have previously earned a baccalaureate or professional degree in engineering or physical sciences.

Before applying to the Certificate Program in Welding Engineering students must contact Dr. Avi Benatar, Director of the WE Certificate Program. It is important to confirm with Dr. Benatar that a prospective student has the prerequisite math, physics, and engineering background to succeed in the Certificate Program.


Certificate Program students apply to the university, and are able to enroll, by means of the Graduate Non-Degree program (GND).

[To earn a graduate degree (MS or PhD) in Welding Engineering a student must apply to a degree-granting track *.]


The Certificate is awarded when a student has completed five 7000 or 8000-level Welding Engineering courses. 

Possible course series:

  • For a broad knowledge of welding engineering, select the five core courses WE 7001, 7101, 7201, 7301, and 7406.
  • For a concentration in materials, select WE 7101, 7102, 7112, 7115, 7406.
  • For a concentration in processes, select from WE 7001, 7002, 7012, 7021, 7023, 7024, 7025.
  • For a concentration in welding design, select WE 7201, 7202, 7223, 7240, 7406.
  • For a concentration in plastics joining, select WE 7201, 7406, 7407, 8406, and one additional course.
  • Or select any combination of five pre-approved distance education courses to meet one's needs.

To qualify for the Certificate, students must maintain a min. 3.0 (4.0 scale) GPA for the five courses. Independent Study courses are not included in the certificate program.


Upon completion of the fifth Welding Engineering course the student is to contact Dr. Avi Benatar to request the Certificate be mailed.


* Please note: if the student wishes to continue and pursue a Master's degree, s/he must re-apply via the OSU Graduate Admission process. No more than 7 graduate semester credits earned in GND status will be permitted to carry over into the MS program, if admitted (per GND rules).