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2019 - 2021 MSE Grad Elective Survey

The MSE Graduate Studies Committee would like graduate student feedback concerning proposed courses to be offered over the next two academic years, 2019-2020 & 2020-2021. The survey references the courses and syllabi listed below. 



Instructions: On the survey, drag the three top courses you think you would definitely like to take into the top box of the survey. Into the bottom box, drag those three classes in which you would potentially enroll. The faculty in brackets have proposed the courses and are likely to teach them. 

Proposed MSE Grad Courses for 2019-2021

6XXX In Situ Electron Microscopy (Jinschek)

6XXX Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy (McComb)--NOTE: graded S/U

6XXX Constitutive Modeling of Materials: Thermodynamics, electromagnetics, and mechanics (Niezgoda)

6XXX Sensor Materials and Devices (Gouma)

6XXX Advanced Metallic Materials and Processing (Luo)

6XXX Tensor Properties and Anisotropy (Niezgoda)

6295 Superconducting Materials and Properties (Sumption)

6735 Corrosion Science (Frankel)

6741 Practical Transmission Electron Microscopy Lab (Colijn)

6750 Nuclear Materials and Irradiation Effects in Materials (Windl)

6778 Magnetic Materials (Myers)

7XXX Advanced Atomic Scale Computational Materials Modeling (Ghazisaeidi)

7XXX Defects in Semiconductors (Grassman)

7XXX Impact of Corrosive Environments on Mechanical Performance (Locke)

7XXX Image Science (Hwang)

7XXX Risk Assessment from Materials Failures (Narasi)

7531 Epitaxial Heterostructures (Myers)

7855 Advanced imaging and spectroscopy (Fraser, Hwang, McComb, Mills)

7862 Microstructural Elasticity (Anderson)

8XXX Atomistic Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Materials (Windl)