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International Students

New Grad Students: Domestic | International | Health | Housing | Enroll & Fees | Orientation

Arrival dates

Self/company-funded students

Students who will provide their own funding through personal and/or employer support may arrive at any time permitted by their visa type.

Funded by GRA/Fellowship

Reference arrival dates

For those of our MSE or WE students funded by a GRA/Fellowship, there is an arrival process required that must be completed to assure that funding is in place to provide tuition and stipend funds. For the term listed, please arrive by the date below to assure that your funding is in place to pay tuition costs and provide you a monthly stipend by the end of the first month of the term.

Please note: If arrival by the given date is impossible, please contact Mark Cooper immediately.

Prior to arrival, please schedule a department orientation with Mark Cooper, Graduate Studies Coordinator. Orientations are 30-45 minutes in length and overview important department and graduate studies matters.

Visa information

Be sure to review the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement information on "How to Navigate the US Immigration System". This information from US ICE details fees, what to expect at the border, documents you should keep on your person when traveling, and other important items.

Before you arrive

The process of preparing to come to the US is no small task! This page is a summary of key items you will need to address prior to your arrival on campus. Please also refer to the series of emails sent by OIA (see also the "Graduate Pre-Arrival" pages on the OIA site).

A few items should be addressed prior to arriving on campus:

Pre-departure checklist

  • Accept the offer of admission via your OSU application account
  • Activate your OSU account and BuckeyePass
  • Obtain US Visa
  • Arrange for temporary and long-term housing
  • Arrange for pick-up at Port Columbus
  • Prepare medical information & vaccination records
  • Arrange finances
  • Maintain contact with MSE
  • Schedule orientation sessions with the Office of International Affairs (OIA), Mark Cooper (MSE-WE dept.), and your advisor

Accept admission

By way of your OSU application account, please follow the "Accept/Decline" link to formally accept admission.

Please understand: acceptance of admission implies adherence to the university's Code of Student Conduct and an understanding of academic misconduct and its consequences.

See also the "Academics" section within the OIA "Life at Ohio State" section of their web site. The Academics page defines important aspects of academic conduct expected of students in the United States.

Activate your OSU student account

Before arriving, you are to activate your OSU internet account and register for BuckeyePass. An e-mail/internet account is provided to all OSU students. The user name and password you establish for this account will permit on-line access to such things as course scheduling, grades, course web sites, and other important web-based resources provided by the university.

To activate your account, please go to the following web site:

  • Click "Activate Now" and follow the activation process. Associated with your application account should be an OSU user name in the form of "lastname.###" (such as "cooper.73")
  • Note your OSU username and the password you established. These items will allow you to register for classes, check grades, etc.
  • Register for BuckeyePass Accessing your student account and other assets at the university requires two-factor authentication as a second layer of account security. This is accomplished by using BuckeyePass.

Arrival date & OIA Orientation

Please note the Reporting Date on your I-20. You must arrive in the US by this date. If you wish, you may arrive as early as 30 days prior to the Reporting Date, but no earlier. The Reporting Date is about two weeks prior to the start of classes. 

OIA will send a series of emails leading up to your term of admission. These emails will help prepare you for arrival at Ohio State. See also OIA's "Graduate Pre-Arrival" informationCompletion of the OIA orientation is mandatory; you will not be permitted to register for courses until you have registered your arrival with OIA.


It is strongly recommended that you secure housing, both temporary and long term, prior to your arrival on campus. For further information about the options available, please see the Housing page of this site.

MSE - WE department orientation

All new MSE and WE students are to schedule an orientation session with Mark Cooper, MSE/WE Graduate Studies Coordinator (contact info above).

These orientations will be held online. The session provides information about the MSE dept. and your graduate program, including:

  • registration for GRA employment,
  • health insurance & OSU ID card,
  • enrolling in classes,
  • other general details

Transportation from the airport

Please arrange for transportation from Port Columbus to your temporary housing well before your arrival date. Taxis/ride services may be hired at the airport (roughly $30-$50, plus tip, from Port Columbus to the OSU campus area). You may wish to make arrangements with the International Friendships student organization or an OSU student nationality group to meet you at the airport.

After arriving in Columbus

Check-in with OIA

The Office of International Affairs requires all international students to register arrival in order to maintain proper SEVIS/ICE status in the US. Please check-in with OIA as stated in OIA's email instructions (see also OIA Graduate Pre-Arrival). Be sure to bring the required documents to your check-in appointment.

Graduate School New Student To-Do List

Please follow the New Student To-Do List provided by the Graduate School.

This checklist addresses the key items required to enroll.

  • Activate your BuckeyePass (completed before arrival)
  • Activate your Ohio State student/email account (completed before arrival)
  • Submit final official transcripts (if required)
  • Complete the Financial Responsibility Statement (typically after arrival and consultation with advisor regarding classes to be taken)
  • Schedule graduate credits (see below)
  • Obtain a BuckID student identification card 
  • Pay Fees 7 days before the start of the term *

* Funded students (GRA/Fellowship) are not required to pay tuition costs.

Registering for graduate credit

International students must check in with OIA before enrolling

International students must check in with the OSU Office of International Affairs before enrolling. A hold has been placed on all international new students that prevents enrollment until the student has checked in at the OIA office. (See OIA Graduate Pre-Arrival information)

After completing the OIA check-in, please enroll in 18 credits for Autumn or Spring semester:

(graded grad credits) + MATSCEN or WELDENG 7895 (1 cr) + MATSCEN or WELDENG 6999 (x cr) = 18 credits

Before registering for lecture classes, you must first discuss with your advisor which graded courses you should take. Graduate level courses are rarely closed.

See "Enroll & Fees" for more information.

 If you do not have an advisor
Please contact Mark Cooper for enrollment instructions.

Students enrolling for Summer term
Enrollment in Summer term is dependent upon the student's form of funding, please contact Mark Cooper for assistance.



Health insurance and health screening

Health insurance

All international students are automatically enrolled in the OSU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) upon course enrollment. Further information about this health coverage is found on the "Health" page of this site.

International student health screening

See also the OSU Office of International Affairs "Health Screening and Vaccinations"

All international students entering Ohio State with an F-1 or J-1 visa are to undergo a brief health screening through Student Health Services.

At orientation, you will:

  • Complete your health screening. The screening will include questions about any medical conditions you have, what medications you are currently taking, and what allergies to medications you have, if any. 
  • Submit your mandatory vaccination requirement form. Complete the vaccination form to the best of your ability and have it verified by a medical provider before your arrival. Some vaccinations that are unavailable in certain countries are available in the United States and covered by your student health insurance. 

You will be given a time for your screening during check-in at the Office of International Affairs. Failure to complete this screening will cause a registration hold to be placed on your account. The screening is free to students who are enrolled in the Ohio State Student Health Insurance plan and who attend during their required screening day and time.

Some helpful points when preparing to come to Ohio State:

  1. Please review and complete the OSU Student Health Services Vaccination Requirement.
  2. Bring any medical information and any information about long-term health problems with you with an English translation (for example prescription information, previous chest x-rays, vaccines). There are no immunization requirements for most students entering The Ohio State University. However, depending on the program you enter, there may be requirements for that program. For example, most of the health professional schools, like medicine and nursing, have extensive requirements. If this is a medicine that you need to take regularly, make sure that your doctor sends you with an adequate supply until you can be seen at the Student Health Center or another clinic.
  3. If you take medications, talk with your physician to translate the drug into English or at least know the class of drug in English.


OIA orientation

International students are to register for an immigration check-in date and orientation (see also OIA pre-arrival correspondence).

Orientation will introduce you to Ohio State and cover important topics such as campus resources, safety, and health information. All students will complete a mandatory health screening and review of vaccination requirements during orientation. OIA will also be hosting activities to help you learn more about campus and Columbus including tours and trips to places of interest where you can meet other new and current students.

MSE-WE orientation

Please contact Mark Cooper, MSE-WE Graduate Studies Coordinator, and schedule a department orientation. Orientation sessions last approximately 30-45 minutes and will review the basics of registration and enrollment, department trivia, and important university resources that are useful for our graduate students.

Graduate School orientation

The Graduate School and the Council of Graduate Students provides a university-wide orientation for all new graduate students (i.e., Spring, Summer, and Autumn arrivals). The Graduate School will contact new students with further information (typically held Sunday evening of the week before classes). This orientation is a very valuable introduction to the services provided by the Graduate School, the Graduate Student Council, and various offices across campus. 

Research group orientation

Further orientation concerning office & lab space, work expectations, safety issues and more will be provided by your advisor.


As regards finances, please note that if you were offered a Graduate Research Associate (GRA) position, you can not be paid until after the start of your term of admission. Therefore, you will be responsible to supply your own funds from the date you arrive until you receive your first paycheck from the university (approximately FIVE WEEKS AFTER the start of your term of admission due to check processing time). Some additional expenses you may wish to keep in mind:

  • utilities deposits
  • rent for housing (often 1-2 months' worth of rent in advance),
  • food & entertainment, etc.
  • misc. student fees for which you are responsible (approx. $500 per term--note that for GRA/Fellow-funded students, these fees will be automatically deducted from the student's stipend check and thus do not need to be paid out-of-pocket upon arrival)​

Note: If you arrive in the US or on campus long before the start of your term of admission, international students may face a difficult financial situation in terms of paying for lodging, meals, and recreation. While you may typically enter the US before the date listed on section 5 of your I-20, expenses in the US can be significant. Many of the OSU student nationality clubs (use link to search for nationality clubs) offer advice on how much money you will need to carry you through this period.

Important resources

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement International Student site. Provides links to important student visitor information regarding documents, what to expect, fees, FAQ's, and more.

The Office of International Affairs--OIA is the office at Ohio State dedicated to assisting our international students with cultural, immigration, and academic issues as they pertain to life at OSU. The Office of International Affairs provides a great deal of helpful information about life as a student at Ohio State and what to expect. Addresses such issues as packing, weather, housing, safety, groceries, health care, and much more.

Life at Ohio State--OIA provides some good, basic information for international students on such practical matters as cultural adjustment, securing a driver's license, money and banking, taxes, and more.

Nationality Groups
The university hosts some 1,400 student organizations, many of which are nationality groups that address the needs of international students such as the Indian Student Association, Taiwanese Student Association, Chinese Students and Scholars Society, Korean Student Association, and many more.

Use the Find a Student Organization page and search using key words such as "China" or "India".

International Friendships
International Friendships is a registered Ohio State University student organization and Christian community group seeking to welcome international students. This group offers airport pickup and temporary housing as well as welcome activities and English conversation partners.




Please contact Mark Cooper, Graduate Studies Coordinator, should you have questions about the MSE or WE graduate programs.

OSU Office of International Affairs (OIA)