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Frequently asked questions

Can I earn an on-line Bachelor's degree (BS) in Welding Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering?
We do not offer an on-line Bachelor's degree in either Welding Engineering or Materials Science and Engineering.

Can I earn a Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering?
Currently we do not offer an on-line Master of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering. However, you are welcome to enroll in any on-line MSE courses that you feel would deepen your understanding of MSE.

What if my undergraduate engineering degree is from a non-ABET accredited college or university?
In most cases, you will be required to take the GRE general exam as noted above. Applicants with high undergraduate GPA and/or relevant work experience and strong letters of recommendations may petition to waive the GRE requirement. (view "Graduate Study" information)

What if my undergraduate degree is not in engineering?
Applicants with non-engineering undergraduate degrees can still apply for and earn a MSWE. The WE Graduate Studies Committee may require or recommend taking some undergraduate preparatory courses prior to starting the graduate program. (view "Graduate Study" information)

What if my undergraduate GPA is less than 3.0?
The WE Graduate Studies Committee will review the applicant’s other credentials, including work experience and other professional training. In all cases, the applicant will be required to submit GRE scores. When the undergraduate GPA is less than 3.0, the Graduate School must approve any recommendation for admission submitted by the Graduate Studies Committee. Students may be asked to take courses in the Graduate Non-Degree program to demonstrate that they can perform well in graduate courses. Strong performance as a GND student will form the basis of a petition of the Graduate School for future admission to the MS program. (See "Graduate Study" information)

Can I transfer credits from another graduate program?
Yes. Credits earned from graduate-level courses taken at accredited universities can be transferred to OSU. Only courses in which a grade of “B”, or equivalent, is achieved can be transferred. The WE Graduate Studies Committee will make the final determination of the number of credits eligible for transfer.

Can I take distance courses if I am not admitted into the MSWE program?
Yes. Distance students may register for a course as “Graduate Non-degree” status (there is a nonrefundable application fee of $60 domestic or $70 international). Up to 7 semester credits earned under this classification can be later applied toward a graduate degree. Many students take courses as Graduate Non-degree status prior to starting the admission process to determine if the program meets their needs and expectations. Students in the Certificate Program register as Graduate Non-degree status.

Is there a time limit within which I must earn my degree?
No. There is no time limit, although students are encouraged to complete the program within 5 years of admission.

How long will it take me to complete the MSWE degree?
This will depend on the plan of study you develop and the pace you wish to maintain. Course sequences will be arranged such that a student can complete the program in 3-4 years. This assumes that the student takes an average of 1-2 courses per term.

How much will it cost to earn a MSWE degree via distance education?
Pricing is available on the "Costs" page of tis section.

How do I know if OSU has received my application materials?
Applicants will be able to view the application status through his/her OSU application account.


Please contact Mark Cooper, Graduate Studies Coordinator for MSE-WE