Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for Welding

Welding engineering is a multi-disciplinary engineering field that involves materials science, metallurgy and mechanical engineering.

Computational modeling is an essential science and math skill of welding engineers to develop new products, solve problems and ensure that welded structures are safe and a benefit to society.

Research activities of Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for Welding (ICME-W) encompass:

  • Additive manufacturing of metals (powder bed, blown-powder, binder jetting and sintering)

  • Light-metal and dissimilar-metal joining for transportation (automotive, shipbuilding etc.)

  • Creep-resistance steels and alloys for power generation

  • Inertia and linear friction welding for aerospace engine shafts and blisks

  • Resistance spot welding and mash seam welding of sheet metals

  • Modeling of welding and additive manufacturing processes and materials (Abaqus, Sysweld, Flow-3D, DEFORM, LS-Dyna, Simufact, and Thermo-Calc)

  • Specialized thermal-mechanical-metallurgical testing in Gleeble with high-temperature digital image correlation (DIC)

Principal Investigator

Professor Wei Zhang Ohio State Welding Engineering
Professor Wei Zhang
Welding Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering  |  614-292-0522