Processing and manufacturing

Expertise in materials science goes well beyond understanding the properties of materials and how those properties can be applied. Materials scientists must also be adept at developing cost-effective techniques to synthesize, process and fabricate advanced materials that can meet the demands of a rapidly changing commercial marketplace. Researchers in Ohio State’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering are dedicated to this mission through a wide variety of programs that include:

  • Semiconductor process modeling
  • Phase transformation
  • Ceramic-polymer composites using sol-gel techniques
  • Microstructural evolution
  • Vapor deposition of diamond-like films
  • Development of fiber-optic glasses
  • Vitrification of industrial waste
  • Fabrication and testing of advanced microcomposite materials
  • High-rate forming techniques for net shape forming
  • High power, high intensity and ultrafast Laser materials interaction and processing
  • High-temperature intermetallic materials
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Magnetron sputtering of laminated composites
  • Processing of ceramic composites from metallic precursors
  • Controlled crystal orientations in high Tc ceramic superconductors
  • Modeling of the chemical vapor deposition process
  • Casting and solidification-based processing of alloys and metal matrix composites
  • Thermomechanical processing of metals and alloys
  • Multi-material casting and manufacturing

These faculty members specialize in the research of processing and manufacturing. 

Enam Chowdhury
Dr. Glenn Daehn Ohio State Materials Science and Engineering
Glenn Daehn
Joerg Jinschek
Xun Liu
Xun Liu
Alan Luo
photo of Steven Niezgoda OSU faculty
Steve Niezgoda
Boyd Panton
Jay Sayre
Yunzhi Wang
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