Metallic Materials

The study of metals and their application to societal needs stretches back centuries. Yet the demands of modern transportation (aerospace, hypersonics, space, automotive, etc), energy (power generation and heat exchangers), and structural systems require innovative alloys and processing.  Computational methods for microstructure and property prediction are also closely tied to physical experimentation and development.  Additive and hybrid approaches to metal processing/manufacturing is an enormous area of growth and opportunity.  These new innovations are augmented by close coordination with major efforts at nearby national laboratories, such as Air Force Research Laboratories and NASA Glenn Research Center.  MSE at OSU is one of the strongest and widely recognized in the U.S. for its leadership in the area of metallic materials.

Our materials modeling capabilities, coupled with the advanced characterization facilities found in the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS), allows for a significant reduction in the concept-to-application timeframe for new alloys. The world-renowned Fontana Corrosion Center (FCC) predicts and studies the degradation of materials systems. The Welding Engineering program and the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) help industry meet production challenges found with the application of advanced metals.

photo of Boian Alexandrov, Professor Ohio State Welding Engineering
Boian Alexandrov
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Peter Anderson
Dr. Glenn Daehn Ohio State Materials Science and Engineering
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Suliman Dregia
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Hamish Fraser
Aeriel Leonard
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