Materials Performance

Improving the performance of synthesized materials used in manufacturing, energy, electronics, defense and other industries is one of the primary goals for many of the researchers in Ohio State’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). From new biomedical composite materials to corrosion protection, MSE research programs are designed so breakthroughs developed in our laboratories can be applied to industrial processes, thereby helping industry save billions of dollars each year. These programs include:

  • Design of electrode composites for Li-ion and Na-ion batteries
  • Development and characterization of improved biomedical materials
  • Corrosion and protection of Al alloys in aging aircraft applications
  • Development of new gas, thermal and bio-sensors
  • Properties of materials that influence large-scale manufacturing
  • Development of co-continuous ceramic composites
  • Corrosion susceptibility of emerging Al-Li alloys
  • Development of high-temperature coatings for carbon/carbon composites
  • Design of protective coatings for refractory metals
  • Fatigue properties of die cast magnesium alloys