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Materials Characterization: Microstructure and Property Relationships

There is a direct correlation between the microscopic configuration of atoms and molecules and a material's macroscopic, or "visible," properties. Understanding how properties such as transparency or ductility are derived from the atomic structure of a substance enables researchers to manipulate microscopic structures to achieve desired large-scale properties. Faculty and students in Ohio State’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering make use of the department’s state-of-the-art testing and characterization equipment to perform research in the following areas:

  • Computer simulation of microstructures and mathematical modeling
  • Microstructural control for quality castings
  • Structure and energy of interphase interfaces
  • The role of interfaces in composites
  • Structure and properties of grain boundaries
  • Crystallization of glasses
  • The role of microstructural heterogeneity in localized corrosion and environmental fracture
  • Deformation mechanisms in high-temperature intermetallics