Materials Characterization: Microstructure and Property Relationships

There is a direct correlation between the microscopic configuration of atoms and molecules and a material's macroscopic, or "visible," properties. Understanding how properties such as transparency or ductility are derived from the atomic structure of a substance enables researchers to manipulate microscopic structures to achieve desired large-scale properties. Faculty and students in Ohio State’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering make use of the department’s state-of-the-art testing and characterization equipment to perform research in the following areas:

  • Computer simulation of microstructures and mathematical modeling
  • Microstructural control for quality castings
  • Structure and energy of interphase interfaces
  • The role of interfaces in composites
  • Structure and properties of grain boundaries
  • Crystallization of glasses
  • The role of microstructural heterogeneity in localized corrosion and environmental fracture
  • Deformation mechanisms in high-temperature intermetallics

These faculty members specialize in materials characterization.

photo of Hamish Fraser
Hamish Fraser
Jinwoo Hwang
Joerg Jinschek
Xun Liu
Xun Liu
photo of Jenifer Locke, Ohio State
Jenifer Locke
Alan Luo
David McComb, Ohio State
David McComb
photo of Michael J. Mills, Chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Ohio State
Michael Mills
Narasi Sridhar
Narasi Sridhar
photo of Wolfgang Windl, Ohio State
Wolfgang Windl
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