Energy Materials

Materials for Renewable Energy, Storage, and Efficiency

Energy is a central aspect of our daily lives, as well as a critical lynch pin in everything from climate change to the economy to national security. Materials science and engineering research plays a truly enabling role in the creation, understanding, and application of new and advanced materials for clean and renewable energy generation, storage, and efficient use. Faculty within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University, often in collaboration with multiple other departments across campus (and beyond), are helping to pave the way forward in these areas, from breakthrough fundamental scientific discovery to innovative development of new technologies across a range of fields. Examples of our programs in this exciting area include:

  • Semiconductor development and integration for high-performance photovoltaics and highly efficiency electronics and photonic devices
  • Materials for next-generation batteries and energy storage applications
  • Development of high-performance ceramics for fuel cells and solid electrolytes
  • Superconducting oxide/metal laminates for energy storage and high-efficiency transmission
  • Nano-structured ceramics and semiconductors for applications in electrochemical devices such as sensors, fuel cells, and photoelectrochemical catalysis
  • Magnetic and thermally-sensitive semiconductors for low-power spin-based electronics and thermal energy recovery
  • Study of radiation effects in materials use in space and nuclear power generation
Materials for Renewable Energy, Storage, and Efficiency
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Sheikh Akbar
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Tyler Grassman
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Jinwoo Hwang Department of Materials Science and Engineering Ohio State
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