Electronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials

With an ever-growing range of important applications, and need for an expanding palette of functionalities and properties, there is substantial interest in the synthesis, processing, and characterization of new electronic, optical/photonic, and magnetic materials. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering, often in collaboration with multiple other departments across The Ohio State University (and beyond), is taking the lead in developing a wide variety of these advanced materials, as well as the novel devices and systems that make use of them. Examples of our programs in this area include:

  • Battery development and energy storage
  • Semiconductor development and integration for high-performance photovoltaics and other energy applications
  • Semiconductor process modeling
  • Development of solid-state gas sensors
  • Superconducting oxide/metal laminates for energy storage and transmission
  • Nano-structured ceramics for applications in electrochemical devices such as sensors and fuel cells
  • Near-net-shape magnetic and dielectric ceramic components for telecommunications
  • Phase stability and interfacial phenomena in thin films
  • Semiconductor quantum structure growth for high-performance photonics
  • Magnetic semiconductors for spin-based electronics
  • Oxide film growth for magnetic applications
  • Chemical vapor deposition of graphene for spintronics and FET applications