Courtesy appointments

photo of Nate Ames, Ohio State
Nate Ames
Director, CDME

(614) 292-6570

Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence

Suite 1533, Research Center

1314 Kinnear Rd

Columbus, OH 43212

photo of Stephen Boona, Ohio State CEMAS
Stephen Boona
Research Associate Engineer

Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis

1275-1305 Kinnear Road

Columbus, OH 43212-1155

photo of Oksana Chkrebtii, Ohio State Dept. of Statistics
Oksana Chkrebtii
Associate Professor

(614) 292-0292

Department of Statistics

323 Cockins Hall

1958 Neil Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210

photo of Joshua Goldberger, Ohio State Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Joshua Goldberger

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

255 CBEC

151 W. Woodruff Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210

Photo of Michael Groeber, Ohio State
Michael Groeber
Associate Professor

Integrated Systems Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

141 Baker Systems Engineering

1971 Neil Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210-1210

Ed Herderick
Principal Engineer, Materials and Welding

(614) 292-1077

Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence

1314 Kinnear Road

Columbus, OH 43212

photo of Joseph Heremans, Ohio State
Joseph Heremans
Ohio Eminent Scholar

(614) 247-8869

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

W494 Scott Laboratory

201 W 19th Ave

Columbus, OH 43210-1142

profile default Ohio State College of Engineering
Belinda Hurley
Associate Professor

(614) 688-5800

Eighteenth Avenue Library

175 W 18th Ave

Columbus, OH 43210-1150

profile default Ohio State College of Engineering
Mahmood Khan
Associate Professor


Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute

Khan Lab  - Cardiovascular Stem Cell Therapeutics Lab

760 Prior Hall

473 W 12th Avenue

Columbus, OH 43210-1252

photo of Steven Ringel, Ohio State
Steven Ringel
Director, IMR

(614) 292-6904

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Institute for Materials Research

Caldwell Laboratory

2024 Neil Ave

Columbus, OH 43210-1212


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