Characterization and Microscopy

Extensive facilities for characterizing the properties and structure of materials are available to our students and faculty. This includes the capability to test both existing and theoretical materials for qualities such as strength, plasticity, and hardness as well as explore the microstructure that leads to these properties. 

At the core of this effort is the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS). CEMAS is the preeminent materials characterization hub for business and academia. The Center brings together multidisciplinary expertise to drive synergy and amplify our characterization capabilities, and thus challenge what is possible in electron microscopy. CEMAS is revolutionizing teaching and learning of advanced characterization techniques for students and researchers.

Characterization and Microscopy
Bourgeois Desmond
Desmond Bourgeois
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photo of Vicky Doan-Nguyen, Ohio State Professor
Vicky Doan-Nguyen
Photo of Professor Carolin Fink
Carolin Fink
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photo of Hamish Fraser
Hamish Fraser
Jinwoo Hwang
Joerg Jinschek
Aeriel Leonard
David McComb, Ohio State
David McComb
Director of CEMAS
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photo of Michael J. Mills, Chair of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Ohio State
Michael Mills
Antonio Ramirez
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