2020 Faculty Awards and Honors


The Department of Materials Science and Engineering has been awarded over $2.3M in grants so far this year. This is an excellent testament to the caliber of faculty, research staff, and students who work tirelessly in our labs and in the field. Their research and discoveries drive a continuously progressive movement in areas of materials science and materials joining. We celebrate and honor those members of our department who channel their expertise into projects entrusted to them. Take a peek at some of the projects that we have publicly announced this year.

Perena Gouma - $200,000 National Science Foundation EAGER grant (June)

Enam Chowdhury - $1.056 million grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (May)

Nate Ames (Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence) - DOD Award for Supply Base Resilience and Diversification Program (May)

David Dean - Ohio State Accelerator Award (May)

Hamish Fraser - TMS-AIME Champion H. Mathewson Award (April)

Jenifer Locke - NSF CAREER Award (January)



Throughout the year, many of our faculty members are featured in industry journals, recognized as fellows, and invited to give keynote presentations. Each of these opportunities allows the faculty member to showcase their expertise in engineering while representing Ohio State's College of Engineering. These individuals are forever students of their discipline - either materials science and engineering or welding engineering - and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering congratulates them on these recognitions.

Suresh Babu - Nominated by President Trump to National Science Board (April)

Distinguished Faculty Awards (April):

  • Alan Luo - Ralph L. Boyer Award for Excellence in Undegraduate Teaching Engineering Innovation
  • Maryam Ghazisaeidi and Wolfgang Windl - Faculty Diversity Excellence Award
  • Nate Ames - Honda-Ohio State Partnership Award
  • Jenifer Locke - Lumley Research Award

​John Lannutti - Outstanding Teaching in Materials Science Award (March)

2019 Grants and Honors