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WE Colloquium: Dennis Harwig, Arc Welding Process Optimization Framework

Chief Innovation & Transition Officer - Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT), Adjunct Prof. Welding Engineering
Monday, November 20, 2017, 4:00 pm
264 MacQuigg Labs
105 W. Woodruff Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Please note that this talk will be held in 264 MacQuigg Labs


Arc welding processes are very important to a wide range of industries to manufacture high integrity products and structures.  The process family represents the largest segment of the welding market, over $10 billion annually in equipment and consumable sales.  For gas metal arc welding, there are almost unlimited process combinations.  This includes the selection of consumables – electrode type (hundreds of alloys), diameter, and shielding gas (numerous mixtures of argon, helium CO2, oxygen, etc).; power supply type, polarity, and current waveform (constant voltage, constant current, direct current electrode positive pulsing, variable polarity, etc); process derivatives (twin, tandem, rotating electrode, cold metal transfer (CMT), surface tension transfer (STT), etc).  This presentation will discuss a process optimization framework that can be used to benchmark process potential, develop functional process relationships for process control & optimization, and selection of preferred parameters for welding procedures.  The framework also includes optimizing metal transfer for producing preferred weld pool shape and its effects on stability, spatter, fume, and defect susceptibility.  Future work aims at developing better experimental methods to measure heat input, melting rate properties, bead shape control and techniques to minimize process optimization cost; and extend these development methodologies to other fusion welding process combinations, especially laser, hybrid laser-arc, directed energy metal additive manufacturing.


B.S. Welding Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1985

M.S. Welding Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1988

Ph.D. Welding Engineering Technology, Cranfield University, 2003

Dennis Harwig started his career as a welder in 1978.  He worked 2 years as a Welding & Manufacturing Engineer at General Electric Astrospace Division developing technology for refractory metal nuclear power equipment.  He worked 4 years as a Research Engineer at Babcock & Wilcox Alliance Research Center and was a principal inventor of the patented shape welding process.  He was promoted to Lead Welding Engineer & Program Manager and worked for 2 years at Babcock & Wilcox  Nuclear Equipment Division on Navy nuclear propulsion equipment.  Dennis joined EWI in 1994 and over 10 years served as Principal Engineer, Team Manager (Arc Welding and Automation), Cooperative Research Program Manager, and Technology Leader in Arc Welding, Materials, and Automation.  In 2004, he joined Thermadyne Industries’ Brand Management Division as Director of Global Engineering.  Shortly after, Dennis became Vice President of Global Engineering and Vice President of Global Quality at Thermadyne.  He rejoined EWI in 2008, and served as Business Development Director (2008-2011), Navy Joining Center Director (2010-2013), and Center Development Director (2011-2013).  In January 2014, Dennis joined the  American Welding Society as Chief Technology Officer where he led three departments; Technical Services, Education Development, and Education Operations whose combined operating revenue was over $13M.  In December 2015, Dr. Harwig joined The Ohio State University and Lift as Chief Innovation & Transition Officer.  In this dual appointment role, Dennis leads business development and commercialization opportunities to drive sustainability of LIFT.

Dennis has published more than 110 presentations, proceedings, journal articles, and EWI Core Research Reports; recently served on nine AWS committees and three IIW committees; and developed eight patents.