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2010 Watts News

  • Merger of MSE and Welding Engineering program
  • Synthetic skin for burn victims
  • New ceramic coating to improve durability of turbine engines
  • Weightless students

Watts News 2010

2009 Watts News

  • Research into titanium, sensor development, graphene computer chips, solar cell advances, microstructural modeling, hydrogen storage, and more
  • Faculty and students receive prestigious awards, such as Dr. Nitin Padture's AAAS Fellowship
  • Keep up with students and alumni
  • Read about coming changes including the realignment of Welding Engineering to MSE and OSU's change to semesters

Watts News 2009

2008 Watts News

  • MSE's 20th Anniversary
  • OSU wins NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center
  • Cardiac patches for broken hearts
  • MSE welcomes three new faculty

Watts News 2008

2007 Watts News

  • Gov. Ted Strckland visits MSE
  • LASM receives $1M+ for research
  • OSU MSE sensor among "Top 100 Innovations"
  • MSE welcomes two new faculty

Watts News 2007

2006 Watts News

  • New MSE Chair, Rudy Buchheit
  • Titan 80-300 TEM microscope in installed at MSE
  • Teacher Camps--teaching materials science in high schools
  • MSE welcomes three new faculty

Watts News 2006