Vita Faculty Information System


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Vita is Ohio State's faculty information system. If you wrote it, presented it, or reviewed it, you should be tracking it here.

Vita combines the power of Symplectic Elements with customized functionality to meet the needs of Ohio State faculty.

Ohio State faculty, staff and students can use this service to view, report, and search their accomplishments in teaching, research, and service. Faculty and administrators in departments and colleges can use Vita to generate an approved promotion and tenure dossier that aligns to the requirements of Ohio State's Office of Academic Affairs (OAA)

Will my RiV data be transferred to Vita?

Yes, the data you entered in RiV will move into Vita. The "data migration" effort is a significant part of the system transition project.

We worked very hard to have all the data in RiV move over into the right places in Vita. However, there will be some places in Vita where you will need to adjust data in various fields, fine-tune formatting, or make other changes. Because the systems are structured differently, and because your data is unique to you, there is only so much we can do. You are the final authority on what your data should look like.

This chart provides a map where each RiV field aligns in Elements. It also lists the few fields that weren't transferred.


You have to log into and edit your publications. For some reason, publications that VITA finds often have more than one source. In that case, the system doesn’t know which source to use to send to the MSE page and so it sends nothing. So you have to click on the sources tab for each publication and pick one source by clicking on a star. It doesn't matter which one you select.




For Vita use:

Richard Hopkins-Lutz
Web Application Developer
College of Engineering Engineering Technology Services

To update "About" tab on Department faculty page

Forward text to be added to Libby Culley.36 or Mark Cooper.73