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Newly admitted distance learning students

Welcome and congratulations on your admission to the Welding Engineering Distance Education program within the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University. We are excited about your enrollment and wish to make your participation in graduate course work as simple as possible. Information on a number of items, such as OSU account activation, enrollment, and class participation, are provided below.

Autumn Semester begins
Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Six key items are to be addressed:

  1. Accept admission,
  2. OSU account activation,
  3. Secure a WE faculty advisor and develop a course plan, and
  4. Register for a Distance Learning course
  5. Pay fees
  6. Be aware of Registrar's add/drop and refund dates.

Accept admission

By way of your OSU application account, please follow the "Accept/Decline" link to formally accept admission. This is a necessary step that allows your student account to be activated.

Please understand: acceptance of admission implies adherence to the university's Code of Student Conduct and an understanding of academic misconduct and its consequences.

Activate your OSU internet account

Upon acceptance you may activate your OSU internet account. An e-mail/internet account is provided to all OSU students. The user name and password you establish for this account will permit on-line access to such things as course scheduling, grades, course web sites, and other important web-based resources provided by the university.

To activate your student account, please go to the following web site:

  • Click "Activate Now!" and follow the activation process. Associated with your application account should be an OSU user name in the form of "lastname.###" (such as "cooper.73")
  • Be sure to note your OSU username and the password you established. These items will allow you to register for classes, check grades, etc.

If you are unable to activate your account please contact Mark Cooper.

Secure an advisor and submit a course plan

Ideally, we would like you to secure an advisor before registering, but time constraints may not always permit this. You are required to secure an advisor no later than the end of your first term in the program.

Please contact a member of our Welding Engineering faculty who shares your field of interest in WE and ask if s/he will be available to serve as your academic advisor. A listing of the WE faculty is available on the Directory page of our site by narrowing the search to the "Welding / Joining" faculty. You may wish to contact the WE Director of Distance Learning, Dr. Avi Benatar, for guidance.

Discuss with your advisor your general goals for the degree and the courses or subjects you wish to study. Please complete a Plan of Study (pdf) which will outline the proposed courses to meet the degree requirements. It is understood that this is tentative, but it is helpful. Submit this plan to your advisor for approval before the end of your first term in the program.

Registering for Courses

Before registering for classes, you should first discuss with your WE advisor which graded courses to take (thus, ideally, you should not register for academic classes until you have an advisor). Graduate level courses are rarely closed, so you will not be shut out of a class, even if admitted close to the start of a term.

  • The "Courses" page provides a listing of the on-line courses to be offered in the coming terms.
  • Graduate level courses at Ohio State are taught at the 5000-level or greater and a "Career" of Graduate.
  • Only relevant, graduate-level courses may be used toward your degree requirements.

After establishing which courses you will take, students use the OSU Registrar's on-line registration system (BuckeyeLink) to enroll in classes:

Steps involved in course enrollment:

  1. Go to

  2. Please enter the username (lastname.###) and password you established when you activated your OSU internet account.

  3. Select My Buckeye Link
    This will bring you to the home page of your OSU account. It allows you to add/drop courses, check your account balances, update contact info, and more.
    See also Student Center Reference Guide

  4. Complete the Financial Responsibility Statement. You will be blocked from enrolling in any credits until this is completed. [FRS instructions]

  5. Click "Add a Class" in the upper left of the "Academics" section (if you've ever bought anything on line, this process is very similar).

  6. Choose the desired term.

  7. Click the green "Search" button to find classes.

  8. Choose "Columbus" campus

  9. Choose the subject of the course (ex., "Welding Engineering")

  10. Select a course number search parameter such as is exactly, is greater than or equal to, etc. For example, enter "7000".

  11. Course Career = "Graduate"

  12. Expand the "Additional Search Criteria" options and under "Mode of Instruction" select Distance Learning. This will cause only courses offered in online format (DL) to be displayed.

  13. Click the green Search button.

    • Important tip! Results displayed for courses with multiple offerings are truncated to display only the first three items. Click the View all link to display all offerings of a given course.


  14. As you find the courses, click the green Select button to add the course to your schedule. You may be prompted to enter the number of units--in the case of 6999.
    Caution: Do not register for an on-campus section of a class, it will cause you to be billed at the higher out-of-state rate and add additional fees.
    [You are not yet enrolled in the course.]

  15. When you have finished adding courses to your schedule, click the green button Proceed to Step 2 of 3. This will take you to a confirmation screen and if everything is correct, click Finish Enrolling.
    A green check mark means you have been added to the course.
    A red X means that you have not been added and must address the issue described.

  16. If you are blocked from enrolling in a course due to prerequisites, please do the following:

    • Email the instructor of the course and request permission to enroll. Provide your academic background that prepares you for the course.
    • Forward the permission to Mark Cooper along with...
    • Course number
    • Class number for the section within the course
    • Your OSU student ID
    • With these Mark will ask the Graduate School to add the course to your schedule. 


  17. Click the My Class Schedule tab at the top of the page to view a summary of your enrolled credits.


Additional help with registration:

Your fees

Once registered a total fee amount for the term will be generated. If you have registered for only distance learning courses, then you will be billed at the in-state, Ohio Resident rate, regardless of your residency or citizenship. Additionally, certain on-campus fees will not be assessed, while certain distance learning fees will be added. For more, please see the "Costs" section.

Important payment deadline: Fees for a given term are due on or before one week (seven calendar days) in advance of the first day of classes.

  • Please be aware that if you enroll prior to this one-week-out deadline, your fees will still be due one week before the start of class.
  • If a student enrolls less than one week before the start of classes or during the first week of a term, the fee due date is five business days following enrollment.
  • For more, see "Registration & Fees at a Glance"

Important deadlines

A number of important deadlines occur during the term; payment due dates, dates to add a course, dates to drop, full and partial refund dates, etc. It is the student's responsibility to adhere to these dates every term of enrollment.

See "Important Dates" on the Registrar's site.

Course delivery format

Log in to Carmen
At Ohio State, on-line course content is provided by means of Carmen, OSU's on-line course learning management system. Upon enrollment in a course--and only after the instructor activates the course--a distance student will be able to access the Carmen site and log in using his/her OSU user name (last name.##) and password, as established upon admission to the university.

Courses may be offered synchronously--at the same time as on-campus courses--or asynchronously--independent from on-campus course offerings (typical delivery is asynchronous). The course lectures are recorded in the classroom and then archived on the course's Carmen website for access and review by distance and on-campus students. In the asynchronous mode, students view and listen to lectures from the course website using a “self-study” format and schedule established by the instructor. Some instructors use weekly recitation sessions, website “chat rooms”, or simply e-mail to interact with their distance students. The website for each course also features a "Discussion Board" that can be used to ask and answer questions. Course materials (notes, technical papers, pre-recorded lectures, prior exams, etc.) are provided to the student either by e-mail or through the website.


Testing is done by means of a proctor--typically an employee in the student's company or a staff member at a local library--who oversees the integrity of the testing and forwards the test materials to the course instructor. Details will be provided by the course instructor. Please have the contact information for the proctor ready to provide to the instructor prior to the first day of class.