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Department Computer Accounts for MSE Undergraduate Students

Normally new MSE majors will have their accounts automatically created within the first few weeks of Spring Semester. BuckID* swipe access to the buildings and labs also will be automatic.

ECR6 - Engineering Computer Region 6

Please visit the full ECR6 page here: ECR6 Computing Support

Computing labs are located in 197 Watts Hall and 132, 134, and 135 Koffolt Labs. If you are an MSE Major, and do not have an ECR6 account, please fill out an account application form, print it, sign it, and take it to the MSE undergraduate advisor.

  • The ECR6 computing management offices are located up the stairs in 197 Watts Hall (end of small hallway accross from first floor restrooms).
  • If you have forgotten your ECR6 password, take your BuckID to 197 Watts, and have the computing managers reset it for you.
  • ECR6 Account Application Form Information

Important Links for ECR6

*BuckID Swipe Access - If your BuckID card stops working for swipe access to the ECR6 facilities or if you have gotten a new BuckID since becoming a major, please see the MSE undergraduate advisor.