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Distance Learning: Costs and Fee Deadlines

Distance Education courses are billed at the in-state rate, minus on-campus student fees. Though the student may live half the world away, s/he will pay the same instructional costs as an Ohio resident.


The general breakdown of fees for our Distance students is:

  • Ohio in-state Instructional Fees for X credits
  • Student Activity Fee
  • General Fees
  • Learning Tech Fee
  • $100 Distance Ed fee
  • $5 non-resident fee (if student is out-of-state)

From the Registrar's explanation of fees:

A distance education course is defined as those courses with no scheduled in-classroom or on-site activities.  A distance education administration surcharge of $100 per student per term is charged for any student who is enrolled for only courses tagged as distance education courses.  The revenue generated from this fee will fund 24/7 distance education support.  If a distance education student is enrolled as a non-resident, a non-resident distance fee of $5 will be assessed, but the regular non-resident fee will be waived.  Site-based fees (e.g. COTA Fee, Recreation Center Fee and the Ohio Union Fee) will also be waived for such a student.  If a student has any regular [i.e., on-campus] or “hybrid” (regular courses that also have a significant distance education component but are not exclusively distance education) courses in addition to distance education classes, all regular fees will be assessed. View page

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Fee deadlines

Fee payment deadline is 7 days before the start of a semester. Therefore, students must be enrolled prior to the payment deadline so that a bill may be generated.

View Registrar's Fees and Deadlines