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Dana Goski

Dana Goski

Dana G. Goski , Director 2016-2019 Dana Goski is Vice President, Research and Development at Allied Mineral Products Inc., a global monolithic refractory producer headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, USA. She is an experienced co-ordinator in materials development management for high temperature applications and an ardent supporter of science and engineering educational outreach activities. She is the 2019 president-elect for the ACerS Committee and a member of the Refractory Ceramics Division. As an ACerS Fellow, she is a member of the Art, Archaeology and Conservation Science Divisions. 

Dana has enthusiastically served ACerS as both a participant and chairperson for committees including membership, nominating, meetings, the former Central Ohio section, Refractory Ceramics Divison, Jeppson award, and more. Dana also serves on the North American executive committee for the Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories (UNITECR), and was the technical programming chair for the highly successful UNITECR 2013 and a co-editor for the ACerS-Wiley meeting publication. She is a co-inventor on a number of US and international ceramic patents. 

She is a steadfast patron of opportunities encouraging student success in the fields of science and materials engineering. She has been involved as a judge for Future Cities Ohio region for many years, materials demonstration activities for youth, served on The Refractories Institute scholarship committee, internal company college scholarships, take a student to work mentoring, and more recently judging with the relatively new Believe in Ohio competition. Dana is an advisor to the Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation. She lives in Upper Arlington, OH with her husband, Keith Souchereau and son Reid.


Originally from Canada, Dana finished her MSc in the Department of Chemistry at Dalhousie University under joint supervision from National Research Council Canada ceramic laboratory. She went on to complete her PhD in the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mining and Metallurgy (now Materials Engineering) at TUNS (now Dalhousie University) and joined Allied Mineral Products in 1996. Her technical interests include refractories, ceramic matrix composties, graphite systems, containment of challenging high temperature processes.




  • President-elect - The American Ceramic Society
  • Serves on the UNITECR committee
  • Judge - Future Cities of Ohio
  • Served on the The Refractories Institute scholarship committee
  • Judge - Believe in Ohio Competition
  • Advisor - Edward Orton Jr. Ceramic Foundation