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Curriculum for Welding Engineering majors

WE undergraduate curriculum


  • Students typically begin their WE career at Ohio State as a pre-major in the program. During the freshman year, students complete a common engineering curriculum of two calculus courses, chemistry, physics, and English.  First-year students also enroll in either the freshman Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) program or the Honors version (FEH), which offers access to hands-on engineering labs and projects.
  • Second-year Welding Engineering students continue taking pre-major courses in linear algebra, differential equations, electrical engineering, computer programming, mechanical engineering, statistics, a hands-on welding lab, and materials science and engineering, along with University General Education courses (GE). 
  • Students wishing to apply to the major do so in the Autumn, by October 1. New WE majors take Introduction to Welding Engineering and Materials Thermodynamics in the Spring of the second year.
  • Find descriptions of Welding Engineering courses here.
  • In the third year, Welding Engineering major students continue with Structural Transformations, Materials and Processing Lab, Physical Principles in Welding Engineering, Welding Processes and ApplicationsWelding Engineering Design, Non-destructive Evaluation, Welding Metallurgy, and various labs.
  • A welding engineering internship is required, and is usually done in the summer before a student's final year. Students receive course credit for this as Welding Engineering 4189, Industrial Experience.
  • The senior year finishes with additional Welding Metallurgy course and lab, a year-long Senior Welding Design Capstone project, and several technical electives of the student's choice.

The "Bingo Sheet" -- courses required for a Bachelor's degree

Fill in the blanks and Bingo! you get a degree! The Bingo sheet provides an outline of all courses needed to fulfill the requirements for the Welding Engineering degree, and provides a plan to graduate in four years.

Note: Students who choose to participate in the Fundamentals of Engineering Honors (FEH) program will have slightly different guidelines.