Ceramic Science

The Ohio State University has a long tradition in Ceramic Science and Engineering. It was home to the first Ceramic Engineering department, founded in 1894 by Edward Orton Jr. Orton was also one of the founders of The American Ceramic Society which is located close to the Ohio State campus.

Ceramic Science and Engineering in our department focuses on the powder and thin film processing of ceramics with emphasis paid on the liquid, solid and vapor phase synthesis of semiconducting metal oxides and on ternary chalcogenides. Several research groups currently study the processing-microstructure-functional properties of these materials.  

The MSE department maintains this long tradition of leadership with high profile research programs in:

  • Powder synthesis methods: hydrothermal; sol-gel; combustion (FSP, USP), microwave 
  • Thin film processes: sintering, MBE, laser-based processing 
  • Fiber-based processes: electrospinning
  • Advanced Ceramic Research Laboratory (ACRL) Director: Perena Gouma

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