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Applying to MSE-WE Graduate Programs

Prospective students seeking admission to the MSE or WE graduate program must complete a general OSU Application to Graduate School; no secondary departmental application forms are required, except in the case of BS/MS students.

How to apply

Details of an applicant's background and qualifications must be provided before an admission decision can be made. Includes mailing addresses, detailed descriptions of required documentation, links apply on-line, and more.


The MSE and WE graduate programs accept applications throughout the year on an on-going basis--we do not have set deadlines for application submission, per se. Applicants are admitted in every term if Graduate Research Associateship (GRA) positions are available for a given term.

While the MSE and Welding Engineering graduate programs do not have set application deadlines, we encourage applicants to submit all materials at least three months prior to the start of a given term. This permits review of the application, submission of any missing documents, and time to obtain a visa (for international students), housing, and become established before classes start.

Note regarding Autumn admissions: Admission decisions for Autumn begin as early as December and continue through the Spring preceding Autumn term. Thus submission of all application documents by mid-December is helpful (not required, but obviously helpful). The program only reviews complete application files for admission.

University Fellowship deadlines:

University Fellowship
International applicants: Last business day of November (encouraged; applications will be accepted after this date)
US citizens: Mid-December (encouraged; applications will be accepted after this date)

To be considered for nomination to a University Fellowship, all application materials should be received by mid-December. The University Fellowship is not the same as the more typical form of funding for our students, the Graduate Research Associateship (GRA).

General admission policy:

Effective for admissions to Summer Semester 2017 and future semesters: A limited number of GRA positions are available each semester (see below). The general policy of both Graduate Studies Committees (MSE & WE) is to provide admission with accompanying GRA support to a small number of applicants. Faculty research needs determine the number of GRA positions available for a semester. 

  • The MSE program tends to have 10-20 GRA positions in Autumn; 0-3 each in Spring and Summer.
  • The WE program tends to have 2-6 GRA positions in the Autumn; 0-3 each in Spring and Summer.

Admission to the graduate programs (MSE or WE) without accompanying GRA support will be provided to qualified applicants. Though GRA funding is not included at the time of admission, such students are eligible to be funded as a GRA if project funding becomes available.

Minimum requirements

Applicants to the MSE or WE on-campus graduate degree programs must meet the criteria established by the OSU Graduate School. In general, applicants are expected to have:

  • An earned baccalaureate (B.S., B.A.) or professional degree from an accredited college or university by the expected date of entry into the program.
  • A minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 scale), or equivalent, in all previous undergraduate work. However, we tend to admit applicants who hold a 3.5 GPA or greater; such a GPA shows a command of the subject matter that leads to success in our programs.
  • A minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) in all previous graduate work.
  • Minimum English language requirement for applicants whose first language is not English. A minimum TOEFL score of 550 / 213 / 79 is required, though we tend to admit applicants with scores of 600 / 233 / 90 or greater.
  • Please view the Application Requirements page of our site for more information about the GRE general test and when it is required. 

Prospective students who do not meet OSU minimum GPA requirements

The Graduate School at OSU will not permit the admission of an applicant who does not meet the GPA requirements described above. However, if the MSE or WE Graduate Studies Committee submits a petition requesting a waiver of the GPA minimum, the Graduate School may allow the admission of an applicant with a sub-3.0 GPA.

While it is our desire to make graduate courses available to students, at the same time we do not wish to bring a student into a situation for which s/he is unable succeed. In order to 1) confirm the applicant will do well in the grad program and 2) provide a sufficient basis for a petition of the Grad School, the MSE / WE Grad Studies Committee has established the following procedure for applicants whose GPA is below the minimums stated above:

  1. The student applies to the OSU Graduate Non-Degree program and, following admission to the GND, secures an MSE or WE faculty member as an advisor.
  2. In consultation with the advisor, the student provides a tentative course plan which will address the proposed degree requirements. This plan is provided to the Grad Studies Committee Chair.
  3. The student is to take at least six graduate credits of relevant course work while in GND status, earning a min grade in each course of B+ (for MSE applicants) or A- (for Welding Engineering applicants).
    Note that up to ten semester credits can carry over with the student from GND to the degree program to apply toward the degree requirements.
  4. The student should apply to the MSE or WE graduate program by means of the standard OSU Graduate School application process (typically occurs during the term prior to that proposed for admission). Note that GRE scores are no longer required for application.

Completion of these requirements does not assure admission, but provides the basis on which the MSE or WE Grad Studies Committee will develop its petition of the Graduate School. With the Graduate School's approval an admission may proceed.

Please direct questions about minimum admission requirements to the MSE-WE Graduate Program Coordinator, Mark Cooper.

Applicants holding a Bachelor's of Engineering Technology

Applicants holding a Bachelor of Science degree in an engineering technology field, such as Welding Engineering Technology, must confirm that they have the requisite background to succeed in our MS and PhD programs. As an engineering program we expect students to have a certain level of knowledge in math, science, and basic engineering.

In the math, we expect students to have completed courses in calculus and differential equations. In "science", we expect a year of chemistry and a year of physics. In terms of basic engineering courses we expect knowledge of statics and mechanics of materials, basic circuits, and introduction to materials science and engineering (MSE). Additional MSE courses such as thermodynamics and phase transformation would be helpful. With few exceptions, technical welding courses cannot be used toward degree requirements.

Company or government-funded applicants

Applicants funded by a company or government organization--supplying sufficient levels of funding--are encouraged to apply. If the applicant meets the academic requirements for admission and provides proof of funding, s/he may be admitted, regardless of the number of GRA positions available for a given term. Such students should e-mail the MSE/WE Graduate Studies Coordinator (or call 614-292-7280) for further details.


University Registrar Fee Tables
The University Registrar provides fee tables for undergraduate fees and graduate fees for the many programs within Ohio State (scroll down to the Section II and find Engineering). Includes an explanation of the various student fees associated with tuition. Note: graduate students who receive a Graduate Research Assistanship (GRA) do not pay Instructional Fees, General Fees, Learning Tech Fee, and Tuition; these are covered by the GRA position. Fees not covered by the GRA position: Student Activity Fee, Student Union Fee, COTA Fee, Recreation Fee, Student Legal Services Fee (optional), as well as 15% of the student's monthly health insurance premiums.

Transferring within Ohio State

OSU graduate program transfer process
Graduate students currently or previously enrolled in a graduate degree-seeking program at The Ohio State University may petition to transfer into the MSE graduate program. Note: such students do not need to re-apply to the university and do not need to submit an OSU Application to Graduate School.





Mark Cooper
Graduate Studies Coordinator, MSE & WE
(614) 292-7280
Office: 143 Fontana Labs