MSE-WE Distance Learning Courses

To date, over 30 graduate courses in Welding Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering have been developed for web-based delivery, with more planned. The general cycle of course offerings is provided below. Offerings may be subject to change and may require minimum enrollment for online (DL) offering of a given course.

Enrollment and fee payment deadline

Course registration must be completed via the student's account.

Students enrolled on or before the 7th day prior to the start of a term must pay fees by the fee payment deadline 7 days before the start of a term.

Tuition Option Payment Plan (TOPP)
TOPP allows students to divide the cost of tuition and fees into installment payments - four installments for autumn/spring semesters and three installments for summer term. If students enroll in TOPP and make the first payment by the fee payment deadline no late fees will be assessed for the remaining balance. Cost to enroll = $30 each term.

Course delivery format

Log in to Carmen
At Ohio State, on-line course content is provided by means of Carmen, OSU's on-line course learning management system. Upon enrollment in a course, a distance student will be able to access the Carmen site and log in using his/her OSU user name (last name.##) and password, as established upon admission to the university.

Courses may be offered synchronously--at the same time as on-campus courses--or asynchronously--independent from on-campus course offerings (typical delivery is asynchronous). The course lectures are recorded in the classroom and then archived on the course's Carmen website for access and review by distance and on-campus students. In the asynchronous mode, students view and listen to lectures from the course website using a “self-study” format and schedule established by the instructor. Some instructors use weekly recitation sessions, website “chat rooms”, or simply e-mail to interact with their distance students. The website for each course also features a "Discussion Board" that can be used to ask and answer questions. Course materials (notes, technical papers, pre-recorded lectures, prior exams, etc.) are provided to the student either by e-mail or through the website.


Testing is done by means of a proctor--typically an employee in the student's company--who oversees the integrity of the testing and forwards the test materials to the course instructor. Details will be provided by the course instructor. Please have the contact information for the proctor ready to provide to the instructor prior to the first day of class.

WE 7193 Independent Study

The Independent Study course (WE 7193) consists of a short-term project that is conducted under the supervision of a faculty advisor on a topic of interest to the student.  Generally, this project would be conducted at the student's work location, although other options are available. The project generally involves an open-ended problem that could be analyzed experimentally or theoretically or a combination of the two. We usually recommend considering a work-related problem so that you can get some support from your employer. If that is not possible then it will typically be a theoretical project that could also include a literature survey. You can propose a topic or work with your faculty advisor to come up with a topic.

The MS Non-Thesis independent study requirement is 4 credit hours, which can be taken in one term or over two terms. Most students take WE 7193.01, which is graded S/U, though some if a student cannot be reimbursed for their educational expenses with an S/U grade, s/he may take WE 7193.02, which is letter graded.

Course offerings for coming terms


At Ohio State, graduate level courses are those numbered 5000 or greater and are offered for graduate credit (some 5000-level courses are only available for undergraduate credit).

Course key for WE sub-disciplines 
(applies only to WE courses, not MSE course numbers)

  • Process: #0## (i.e., WE courses with a zero in the hundreds place)
  • Materials: #1## and 7023
  • Design: #2## and 7115
  • Non-destructive Evaluation: #3## and 5038
  • Plastics and Composites: #4##, 5038, and 7201

Independent Study

  • WE 7193.01 & .02 and MSE 7193.01 & .02 Independent Study available during each term--contact and confirm with instructor prior to enrolling.

Alternating years of offering

  • OAY = "Odd Academic Year" i.e., the academic year begins with an odd number such as 2017-2018 or 2019-2020
  • EAY = "Even Academic Year" i.e., the the academic year begins with an even number such as 2016-2017 or 2018-2019

Welding Engineering

Welding Engineering Distance Learning course offering cycle

Autumn DL course offerings, WE
Number Title (credits) Area Term
7001 Physical Principles of Welding Processes I (3) Processes AU
7012 Resistance Welding Processes (3) Processes AU
7021 Solid State Welding and Joining (3) Processes  AU
7023 Brazing and Soldering (3) Processes AU
7102 Welding Metallurgy II (3) Materials AU
7112 Weldability (3) Materials AU
7201 Engineering Analysis for Design and Simulation (4) Design AU
7240 Fitness for Service (2)     Not taught in AU21 Design  AU
Spring DL course offerings, WE
Number Title (credits) Area Term
5027 Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (3) Processes SP
7002 Physical Principles of Welding Processes II (3) Processes SP
7024 High Energy Density Welding Processes (2) Processes SP
7101 Welding Metallurgy I (3) Materials SP
7115 Computational Analysis of Welding Processes and Welded Materials (3) Materials SP
7202 Welding Design (3) Design SP
7301 Non-Destructive Evaluation (3) NDE SP
7406 Welding of Plastics and Composites (3) Plastics & Composites SP
7407 Adhesive Bonding and Mechanical Joining of Plastics (2) Plastics & Composites SP (OAY)

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering Distance Learning course offering cycle

Autumn DL course offerings, MSE
Number Title (credits) Area Term
5605 Quantitative Intro to Materials Science and Engineering (3) Materials AU
5641 Structure-Property Relationships of Polymers (3) Materials AU
5655 Additive Manufacturing of Biomedical Devices (3) Materials AU
6735 Corrosion Science and Materials Electrochemistry (2) Materials AU
Spring DL course offerings, MSE
Number Title (credits) Area Term
5451 Molten Metal Processing (3) Materials SP
5571.71 Electroceramics 1 (1.5)
Minimum of 5 online students required to offer this course in online format.
Materials SP
5571.72 Electroceramics 2 (1.5)
Minimum of 5 online students required to offer this course in online format.
Materials SP
5651 Biomaterials Processing (3) Materials SP
5671.72 Mechanical Behavior of Crystaline Materials at High-Temp (1.5--7 week course) Materials SP
5951 Corrosion and Failure Analysis (3) Materials SP
6737 Diffusion and Interface Kinetics (3) Materials SP
6765 Mechanical Behavior of Materials (2) Materials SP