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Distance Learning in MSE & WE

Exploring on-line learning

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Welding Engineering program are proud to provide a Distance Education track for students seeking to expand their knowledge but who may be unable to attend classes on-campus as a full-time student. Our on-line distance education courses allow students from around the world to access our graduate-level courses with no on-campus residency requirement. Additionally, these courses are billed at the in-state rate, regardless of the student's citizenship or location.

Please note: Our department currently offers a Master's degree path in Welding Engineering. While we are developing a Master's degree path in MSE--and some MSE courses are available on-line--we do not yet offer a complete Master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering. 

Graduate-level study

Two paths are available for those interested in graduate course work in Welding Engineering, the Master's degree track and the Graduate Non-Degree track, which can lead to a Certificate in Welding Engineering. For more information on these options and how to apply, see the "Graduate Study" link at left.

Newly admitted Distance graduate students
Information on a number of items, such as OSU account activation, enrollment, and class participation is provided on the "Newly admitted" page of our site.


Over 20 graduate courses in Welding Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering have been developed for web-based delivery, with more planned. For a listing of the courses available for the coming year, along with information on registration and course delivery, see the "Courses" page of our site.


Tuition and fees for Distance Education students are billed at the in-state rate, regardless of the student's citizenship or location. Please see the "Costs" page at left.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to a number of common questions are available on our "FAQ" page. Questions may also be addressed to Mr. Mark Cooper (application and procedural questions) or Dr. Avi Benatar (questions about minimum qualifications, course transfers, etc.)--see contact info below.


Mark Cooper, Graduate Studies Coordinator for MSE-WE:

Dr. Avi Benatar, Professor
Director, Welding Engineering Distance Learning Program
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