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Welding Engineering graduates enjoy high salaries and great demand in the job market. At graduation, OSU Welding Engineers have had two significant experiences with industry and research in Welding Engineering, preparing them for entry to the workforce or continuing on to graduate school.​ Ohio State's Engineering Career Services is the primary source for connecting employers and students seeking careers, internships, and co-ops.

  • Hear some success stories from OSU Welding Engineering graduates.
  • Information on starting salaries from OSU's Engineering Career Services.
  • Ohio State's Engineering Career Services through its Handshake platform is the primary source for connecting employers and students seeking careers, internships, and co-ops. Students are encouraged also to use other platforms for their job searches: LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and professional organizations, among others.

  • Employers: please contact ECS for information on setting up a Handshake Account.

    Engineering Career Services

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    Phone: (614 292-6651
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