2022 Faculty Awards and Honors

Honors & Awards

Throughout the year, many of our faculty members are featured in industry journals, recognized as fellows, and invited to give keynote presentations. Each of these opportunities allows the faculty member to showcase their expertise in engineering while representing Ohio State's College of Engineering. These individuals are forever students of their discipline - either materials science and engineering or welding engineering - and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering congratulates them on these recognitions.


14 members of faculty among top 2% of scientists worldwide: Peter Anderson, Glenn Daehn, Dave Farson, Gerald Frankel, Hamish Fraser, Perena Gouma, Joseph Heremans, Alan Luo, Michael Mills, Antonio Ramirez, Yunzhi Wang, Dean Emeritus David B. Williams, James Williams, Wolfgang Windl 

David Williams - appointed to Board of Trustees at Florida Polytechnic University (November 30, 2022)

Wei Zhang - selected to be an editor of the Science and Technology for Welding and Joining (November 2022)

Jenifer LockeTMS Frank Crossley Diversity Award for overcoming personal, professional, educational, cultural, or institutional adversity to pursue a career in metallurgy (notified in October 2022, accepts award in March 2023)

Hamish Fraser - 2024 Institute of Metals Lecture and Robert Franklin Mehl Award for outstanding scientific leadership in the areas of materials science and the application of metals (notified in October 2022, accepts award in March 2023)

Yunzhi Wang - William Hume-Rothery Award for exceptional and sustained record of scholarly contributions to the science of alloys by inviting Dr. Wang to be an honored presenter at the William Hume-Rothery Memorial Symposium (notified in October 2022, accepts award in March 2023)

Alan Luo - TMS Fellow Award, Class of 2023 for outstanding research and industrial implementation of lightweight alloys and manufacturing processes, innovative teaching and sustained service in materials processing technologies.(notified in October 2022, accepts award in March 2023)

Alan Luo - TMS Research to Industrial Practice Award for outstanding research and practical contributions to light metals technology and applications in the automotive industry. (notified in October 2022, accepts award in March 2023)

Alan Luo - Appointed director role of UCI affiliate (October 2022)

Jinghua Li - NSF grant for research titled Light Addressable Thin Film Sensor System for High Resolution Imaging (October 2022)

Steve Niezgoda - Ohio State engineers team with Steve Niezgoda awarded nearly $500,000 to advance robotic manufacturing from the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute. Intending to design & deploy an artificial intelligent robotic system capable of producing low-volume complex metallic components quickly & cost-effectively. (September 2022)

Glenn Daehn -  The FASM and Mars G. Fontana endowed professor received the prestigious Gold Medal by the ASM International Board of Trustees "for creative and impactful development and dissemination of materials science and technology, including impulse welding, joining and forming, and deployment of materials science in numerous K-12 classrooms.” (September 2022)

Hamish Fraser - Recognized for his lifetime work by presenting the 98th Edward DeMille Campbell memorial lecture, "Modern Physical Metallurgy: Important, Use of New Tools, and How to Finance the Metallic Materials Enterprise". Professor Fraser is the Ohio Regents Eminent Scholar and director of the Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials at Ohio State. (September 2022)

David B. Williams - Williams, FASM, has been elected the president of the ASM International Board of Trustees for the 2022-2023 term. Dr. Williams is Emeritus Dean and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering. Williams was the vice president of the ASM Board of Trustees in 2021. (September 2022)

Wayne Papageorge - Wayne took second place in the Light Microscopy Division and the Dubose-Crouse Award with his poster "Development of a Versatile Etchant to Reveal Grain Boundaries in Aluminum Alloys". (September 2022)

Glenn Daehn - The National Science Foundation announced funding today for the Hybrid Autonomous Manufacturing, Moving from Evolution to Revolution (HAMMER) Engineering Research Center, for five years at $26 million with the ability to renew for another $26 million for an additional five years. Daehn will serve as the director of the new research center for advanced manufacturing supported by potential $52M by NSF. (August 2022)

Enam Chowdhury - DOE Office of Science Phase IIA SBIR Award to study damage thresholds of interference coatings used in infrared ultra-high intensity lasers (July 2022)

Aeriel Leonard - DOE Early Career Research Program Award (June 2022)

Hendrik Colijn - Chuck Fiori Award (April 2022)

Vicky Doan-Nguyen - Lumley Research Award (April 2022)

Yunzhi Wang - Charles Ellison MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching (April 2022)

Henk Colijn - Chuck Fiori Award from the Microscopy Society of America for significant contributions to microscopy and analysis (April 2022)

Hamish Fraser - $3M to support Lightweight High Entropy Alloy Discovery (LHEAD) initiative; joint research project with Lehigh University to develop novel structural materials for high-strength applications as part of a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Army Research Lab (ARL). (March 2022)

Michael Mills - Honorary Doctorate from Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany for research on the relationship between microstructure and structural properties of materials. (March 2022)

Carolin Fink, John Lippold - first place in 2022 EPD Materials Characterization Best Poster Award from the TMS-EPD Materials Characterization Committee for their poster, “S/TEM Characterization of Interdendritic Phases in Ni-30Cr Weld Metal 52XL”. The winning team also included MSE doctoral student Cheng-Han Li and former MSE professor Joerg Jinschek who is now with Technical University of Denmark.

Enam Chowdury - Enam Chowdhury and XUV Laser are awarded $1.1M to study damage thresholds of interference coatings used in infrared ultra-high intensity lasers.

Joshua Goldberger - 2021 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) class of Fellows for distinguished contributions to the field of materials chemistry, particularly for developing new two-dimensional and layered materials with applications in electronics. (January 2022)