2021 Faculty Awards and Honors


The receipt of these highly prestigious awards allows our department to pursue innovative research and novel discoveries that advance the fields of welding engineering and materials science and engineering. Their significance is a testament to the caliber of faculty, research staff and students who work tirelessly in our labs and in the field. Both research and discoveries drive a continuously progressive movement in areas of materials science and materials joining relative to the college of engineering's focus areas. We celebrate and honor those members of our department who channel their expertise into projects entrusted to them. Take a peek at some of the projects that we have publicly announced this year.

Vicky Doan-Nguyen - Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator Research Program (YIP) (November 2021) to design new anisotropic nanostructures and polymer-derived ceramic composite materials for aerospace applications (November 2021)


Peter Anderson, Glenn Daehn - University Consortium for Applied Hypersonics (UCAH) project, Impact Welding and Phase Change Enabled Sealing of High Temperature Metal-Composite Interfaces (October 2021)


Carolin Fink - 2-year, $3M MURI project extension by DoD to explore phase transformations in extreme conditions of 3D printed metals and alloys used by defense forces of the United States and Australia


Jinghua Li - Pilot grant from The Ohio State University Center for Medical and Engineering Innovation (CMEI) for development of sensor used during rehab therapy of traumatic brain injury patients (September 2021)


Jinghua Li - President’s Research Excellence (PRE) Accelerator Grant for developing 3D printing of wireless medical implants with members of the College of Medicine. (June 2021)


Enam Chowdhury - President’s Research Excellence (PRE) Accelerator Grant for studying habitability of terrestrial exoplanets using lasers with members of the College of Arts and Sciences. (June 2021)


Wei Zhang and Desmond Bourgeois - Department of Energy's Office of Fossil Energy for establishing the experimental and computational foundations for high-speed and high-quality field welding repair based on advanced non-destructive evaluation and numerical modeling. This includes training of STEM students. (May 2021)


Aeriel Leonard - Young Investigator Award by Office of Naval Research for a research project titled, "Systematic Study on Slip Activity and Plastic Strain Accumulation in Wire-Arc Additive Manufactured Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze Alloys". (May 2021)


Alan Luo - REMADE Institute, a public-private partnership established by the U.S. Department of Energy for a research project titled, “Achieving 100% Recycling Aluminum in Die Casting Applications". (March 2021)


Tyler Grassman - NSF CAREER Award to research defects in atomic structures and understand their effect on parent materials' electronic, optical properties (February 2021)


Xun Liu - NSF CAREER Award to study ultrasonically assisted wire arc additive manufacturing (January 2021)



Throughout the year, many of our faculty members are featured in industry journals, recognized as fellows, and invited to give keynote presentations. Each of these opportunities allows the faculty member to showcase their expertise in engineering while representing Ohio State's College of Engineering. These individuals are forever students of their discipline - either materials science and engineering or welding engineering - and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering congratulates them on these recognitions.

Antonio Ramirez - named fellow in IAspire Leadership Academy (August 2021)


Elvin Beach - named Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention (August 2021)


Peter Anderson - Fellow of the Society of ASM International for outstanding contributions in the development of dislocation theory in engineered shape memory alloys, multilayers, and nano crystalline metals and as an educator and mentor, who promotes diversity within university engineering undergraduate and graduate programs and department. (June 2021)


Gerald Frankel - Olin Palladium Award by The Electrochemical Society for his contributions to corrosion science (June 2021)


Michael Mills - Heyn Denkmünze (Heyn Memorial Medal) for his scientific contributions to the materials science and engineering field along with his significant efforts to advance scientific relations between the United States and Germany  (April 2021)


Alexandrov Boian - Warren F. Savage Memorial Award from the American Welding Society for co-authoring the award-winning paper, “Filler Metal 16-8-2 for Structural Welds on 304H and 347H Stainless Steels for High-Temperature Service”, published in the December 2020 issue of Welding Journal. (April 2021)


Mary Juhas - appointed co-chair of working group on government relations for Engineering Research Visioning Alliance (ERVA), National Science Foundation's initiative to convene, catalyze and enable the engineering community to identify nascent opportunities and priorities for engineering-led innovative, high-impact, cross-domain, fundamental research that addresses national, global and societal needs. (April 2021)


Carolin Fink - Warren F. Savage Memorial Award from the American Welding Society for research performed on Filler Metal 16-8-2 for Structural Welds on 304H and 347H Stainless Steels for High-Temperature Service, published in Welding Journal, December 2020. (April 2021)


Carolin Fink, Boian Alexandrov - AWS Warren F. Savage Memorial Award for the paper published in the Welding Journal during a previous calendar year that best represents innovative research resulting in a better understanding of the metallurgical principles related to welding. (April 2021)


Vicky Doan-Nguyen and Tyler Grassman - David C. McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award in recognition of their design and implementation of the innovative undergraduate laboratory, MSE 5532: Harnessing the Power of Materials for Energy(April 2021)


Vicky Doan-Nguyen - Dean's Award for Distinguished Outreach Achievements for strengthening Ohio State educational partnerships with the Columbus community and beyond, leading to a stronger, diverse pipeline of scientific and engineering leaders. (April 2021)


Perena Gouma - Innovators Award for revolutionary materials processing and use as selective sensing elements for the detection of biomarkers of COVID-19 disease in breath. (April 2021)


David B. Williams - Honda - Ohio State Partnership Award for embodying the best example of visionary leadership to create true university-industry collaboration. The Honda – Ohio State Partnership is stronger today because of his exemplary service. (April 2021)


Carolin Fink - Charles Ellison MacQuig Award for Outstanding Teaching for being exemplary in developing her students as engineers and professionals. Called “one of the most influential educators I have had," by one of her students, Prof. Fink prioritizes helping and bonding with students. (April 2021)


Hongping Zhao - Lumley Research Award for showing exceptional activity and success in pursuing new knowledge of a fundamental or applied nature. (April 2021)


Alan Luo - TMS Bruce Chalmers Award for outstanding contributions to light metal processing, alloy development and automotive applications (March 2021)


Elvin Beach - Mars G. Fontana Award for Outstanding Teaching in MSE (February 2021)


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